Cats & The Litter Box

Many of us love our pets, but they can be a problem sometimes, like when you are trying to sleep at night and they are running all over the house like crazy.  Many people find that their cat has an aversion to using the litter bo.  You may need help with a urine problem.   I have found some good videos on this topic.

Great Advice

A YouTube video of a solution to your pet not using the litter box, this may be your answer.
Lisa Pierson DVM has a very long and thorough webpage on everything you could possibly want to know about cat litter and cats

  • She doesn’t approve of wheat or corn based litters.  
  • She doesn’t approve of litter with much dust. 
  • She does like clumping litter
  • She does not like covered kitty litter boxes. 
  • You may need more than one box. 

​The link for her page is:

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra clumping litter seems to have the vote, at Petco?

The Best Litter

A video of a doctor’s opinion of which is the best litter to use.  Basically she recommends clumping clay, unscented.

How to Clean Your Litter Box

The proper way to clean your litter box

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